About Us

Letter from the Director:

Welcome parents,

Founded in 1983 and situated in a charming Tudor “children’s house,” Midwood Montessori in Brooklyn, NY provides a rich curriculum tailored to children ages 2 to 6, in pre-school and kindergarten. We adhere to the principles of Montessori education. These include consideration of the individual as a whole, taking into account each child’s physical, emotional, social, aesthetic and cognitive needs and interests. Essential to our method is the family grouping where children of mixed ages work and play together to their mutual benefit.

With guided instruction, children advance at their own pace. Extensive, sequentially arranged materials and manipulatives are utilized to teach math, science, language arts, cultural studies, geography, practical life and sensorial concepts. The self-correcting Montessori equipment is used in combination with other developmentally appropriate materials to encourage a spirit of independent learning.  Full time art and music instruction enhance the child’s day. Kindergarten aged students learn basic music theory through mastery of the recorder.  Three outdoor play areas and an indoor gym ensure consistent large motor activity, rain or shine.

Special attention is given to encouraging socialization while academics are taught by our dedicated and nurturing staff using the Montessori hands-on method. Children are free to move independently about the classroom, which is a carefully prepared environment divided into many different learning centers. Free choice is balanced by an individually planned curriculum for each child, taught on a one-to-one basis. Our low teacher/student ratio enables us to accomplish this effectively. Frequent group experiences and presentations complete the picture. Detailed daily record keeping in every area allows us to readily share with parents their children’s progress. The facility and all materials are beautifully maintained and presented in order to appeal to the aesthetic sense that is innate in every child.

Respect for the individual child, freedom in which to grow and a stimulating learning environment are the core elements of our program. These are the keys to educational success. We invite you to explore all that our school has to offer by contacting us to schedule a tour.

Best wishes,

Harriet Safran
Director of Midwood Montessori
Brooklyn, NY